Executive Board

Matt Silverman Executive Director
Matt Silverman
Executive Director

Matt is a journalism major and film studies minor from Weston, Connecticut. He has thoroughly enjoyed being able to explore his love for theatre with Spectrum and StuCo at Northwestern. He loves movies—watching them, writing about them, quoting them—and tracks the Academy Awards year round. He also loves hiking, camping, eating, writing, and singing in the shower. More of Matt’s favorite things include Amy Winehouse, The Shining, gluten-free pizza, Saturday Night Live, train rides, A Series of Unfortunate Events and ginger ale.

Michael Fagan Artistic Director
Michael Fagan
Artistic Director

Michael Fagan (goes by both names) is super excited to be serving as Spectrum’s first-ever Technical Manager! Born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, Michael has taken his passion for theatre to Northwestern, although by day he studies Biology and Spanish. Michael has designed props for multiple shows, acted in Spectrum’s 2013 devised piece The Canary, and continues to look for ways to expand his theatrical boundaries. Hobbies include cooking, singing, following Ke$ha’s daily life, paying his respects to Queen Bey, and consuming excessive amounts of Starbucks Frappaccinos.

Janie Dickerson Freshman Board Representative
Janie Dickerson
Business Manager

Janie is super pumped to be serving as Spectrum’s Business Manager. She is from around the area and her mother still does her laundry for her. But that means she has time to work on shows (Bug, Shrek, Cat’s Cradle, Henry IV Part 1), sell Girl Scout cookies with the ladies of Kappa Delta, obsess over Stephen Sondheim, and continue to expand her definition of theatre. Janie is a ginger and a theatre major, Business Institutions minor and hopes to potentially start her own theatre company someday.

Alex Wolfe Development Director
Alex Wolfe

Alex Wolfe is a theatre major and she is so excited to be serving as a member at large for Spectrum. When she is not at board meetings or dangerously playing with pandas, she can be found singing with Significant Others, marketing (?) with F&F Marketing, producing shows or doing a lot of other stuff. Most importantly though, she loves to eat. A lot. And she loves octopuses/octopi/octopedes/octopussay.


Maisie Rose Publicity Director
Maisie Rose
Publicity Director

Maisie is pumped to be joining the wild, theatre-loving members of Spectrum. She is a theatre and psychology double major and is in the Music Theatre Certificate Program. She is anxious to be involved in theatre in as many ways as possible while here at Northwestern, and has done so already through producing, directing, and performing. She is beyond thrilled to make some fun and meaningful theatre throughout the rest of her Northwestern career.

Mariah Copeland Digital Media Chair
Mariah Copeland
Digital Media Chair

Mariah hails from the tiny town of Darien, IL and is a Theatre and Psychology double major in the Musical Theatre Certificate program. She enjoys almost always wearing pink and following in Beyonce’s footsteps. The beginning of her Northwestern credits include being in the cast of Good People, the 2015 Dolphin Show Titanic: The Musical, and She Kills Monsters. Besides acting and singing in shows, her favorite things include reading, Parks & Recreation, being a social media menace, taking pictures of herself, macaroni and cheese, and knitting.


Maia Nowack Outreach Director
Maia Nowack
Outreach Director

Maia Nowack is a proud Seattleite, and although she misses being somewhere that’s green and actually has hills, she is now pursuing her passions as a Theatre major (and probably International studies major as well). When not geeking out over devising for Spectrum, she can be found dancing, doing student theatre, working on things for the Global Engagement Summit, and wishing that she could be doing what truly makes her happy: baking.

Mary Iris Loncto Outreach Director
Mary Iris Loncto
Outreach Director

Mary Iris Loncto hails from Ridgewood, NJ, and she couldn’t be more excited to continue making thought-provoking theatre and doing what she loves with people she loves (seriously. Certifiably the most excited.) She studies Theatre and Dance and has maintained outlandish amounts of school spirit throughout her time at Northwestern (obligatory “Go ‘Cats!!!). When she’s not making theatre, doing dance improvs, or philosophizing to anyone within earshot, she’s probably eating semi-questionable amounts of Oreos and/or letting out one of many startling laughs. #snort

Daniel Stompor Development Director
Daniel Stompor
Production Manager

Daniel was born in nineteen aught ninety-five under the astrological sign Gemini, despite not actually having a twin brother or being a fish. He is thrilled to serve as Spectrum’s Production Manager this year, and is looking forward to increasing the theatrical community’s footprint in the Chicagoland area by working with local charities. Daniel is an RTVF major with a Theatre minor; his passions include writing, acting, directing, and producing. He has been actively involved in the theatre and film communities at NU, and cannot wait to continue promoting art and the advancement of discussion alongside his fellow Spectrumers (Spectrumites?) this year.

Lucy Kalar Company Manager
Lucy Kalar
Company Manager

Lucy is a theatre and history major from Austin, TX. She is thrilled to be Spectrum’s Company Manager this year and so far has enjoyed every second of theatre-making with this crazy bunch. She is excited to continue exploring what socio-political theatre can mean over the next few years! When Lucy is not making Doodle after Doodle (or begging people to fill them out), she is usually stage managing, drinking milk, or doing her favorite of her Spectrum responsibilities—wrangling Kyle. 

Kyle Largent Production Manager
Kyle Largent 
Stage Management Chair

Kyle is a senior Theatre major completing the Theatre Management Module. He grew up on a wheat and cattle farm in eastern Washington 20 miles from the metropolis of Colfax, WA. Aside from stage management, Kyle loves going running, eating pasta and watching Survivor, RuPaul’s Drag Race and The Big Bang Theory.

Sinclair Willman Special Events Director
Sinclair Willman
Special Events Director

Sinclair is super jazzed about being one half of Spectrum’s special events team. She is lucky to call both London and Seattle home, and as such, takes her earl gray tea white and her Stumptown coffee strong. She is excited about pursuing her double major in Theatre and English and continuing to perform and direct within the truly stunning StuCo community. Other passions include espousing the benefits of sunscreen, collecting tchotchkes and tea sets, discussing representation in the media and arts, and baking French macarons

Tatiana Dalton Special Events Director
Tatiana Dalton
Special Events Director

Tatiana is thrilled to be planning some thoroughly special events for Spectrum this year alongside the lovely Ms. Willman.  Born and raised in Marblehead, Massachusetts, Tatiana is a sophomore theatre major who loves to direct and perform both in StuCo and the Northwestern dance  community.  Highlights of her first year at NU include directing for Spectrum’s 2015 Festival of Devised Works and performing in last winter’s Danceworks: Ties that Bind.  Tatiana loves cats, the ocean, and fish-shapes snack foods (those of the Swedish and told varieties making the top of the list).

Matthew Cassoli Co-Technical Director
Matthew Cassoli
Technical Mentor

Matthew is excited to be serving as Spectrum’s Technical Mentor for the 2015-2016 season. As Mechanical Engineering major, he is proud to also consider himself a member of the StuCo community and loves every minute of it. His hobbies include missing notes while singing jazz, engineering and designing sound, building things of all kinds, and theatre in general.


Josh Light Production TD
Josh Light
Production TD

Josh is thrilled to join the wacky, kooky, loving Spectrum family as a Production Technical Director. He is a theatre major in the class of 2017, and a native of Kansas City. Northwestern production credits include The 39 Steps, Next to Normal, Cat’s Cradle, and Charlotte’s Web (Assistant Stage Manager). Josh’s passions include Community, consuming delicious KC barbecue, Game of Thrones (the books), Swedish Fish, and enjoying many types of theatre. 

Izzy Porte Freshman Board Representative
Izzy Porte
Production TD

Izzy is so excited to be a member of Spectrum! Originally from New York City, she can usually be found backstage or in the booth of a theatre covered in sawdust and spike or gaff tape and loving every moment. She is also very passionate about environmental issues – specifically marine ecology – and plans to double major between theatre and environmental science. She is very grateful to be a part of the NU theatre community and can’t wait to see what this year will br

Kali Skatchke Technical Manager
Kali Skatchke
Technical Manager

Kali is a class of 2017 theatre major, business institutions minor from Chicago, and she is super psyched to be working with all of these wonderful people while serving as Spectrum’s Technical Manager! Some of her favorite things include Disney, tea, Reese’s cups, lovely weather, traveling, a good night’s sleep, musical theatre, and truly delicious sandwiches.

Solveig Herzum Devising Chair
Solveig Herzum
Devising Chair

Solveig Herzum is a theatre major in the class of 2017 hailing from Evanston by way of Italy. Northwestern production credits include Man of La ManchaJulius Caesar (Assistant Producer) and Querido. Her freshman year, Solveig produced the Freshman Musical (The Mystery of Edwin Drood) and acted in Spectrum’s Festival of Devised Works. Some of her many passions include baking and Jane Austen.


Jessie Baldinger

 Jessie is psyched to be Spectrum’s archivist this year!  Socio-political theatre restores her faith in humanity, and she can’t wait to help create it.  Jessie is really passionate about set design and loves everything about technical theatre.  Collaboration and discussion make her so happy.  She could talk about art history for hours and a well-designed piece of post-modern architecture will make her day.  Jessie geeks freely about harry potter, loves John Oliver with a passion, and has seen every episode of Parks and Recreation at least three times. 


Grace Dowling

Grace Dowling is first and foremost a fan of Jordan Spark’s 2008 masterpiece “No Air.” As a proud New Yorker, she is confused why deep dish is considered pizza, but she will roll with the punches. Grace is thrilled to be Spectrum’s Development Director, and she’s looking forward to inciting sociopolitical change on campus. When she is not dueting with Chris Brown, she can be found rehearsing with her a cappella group, Extreme Measures, or browsing the aisles of Whole Foods. Other passions include drinking copious amounts of coffee, avoiding doing her laundry, and thinking about cheese.